System Status
Status of HCC IT Systems:
All systems are operational
Company Status Pages:
Self-Service and HCC Express available from 7 am to 11:30 pm daily.
 Reboot Cycle for HCC On Campus Workstations
 If you have an HCC workstation on campus, please be aware of the following scheduled reboots for that workstation:
Weekly Reboot Night Time
Every Tuesday 11:10 PM
Every Wednesday 11:10 PM
Every Friday 11:10 PM
What's Happening in IT

Now Live – The Technology Service Center (TSC) is now accessible in person to students and employees for technology support. Visit the Welcome Center in the Rouse Company Foundation Student Services Hall (RCF) Monday–Friday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Now Live – The myHCC portal for faculty and staff has been upgraded and is now hosted in the cloud.  

Now Live – Multi-factor authentication (MFA) has rolled out to all adjunct faculty. 

Now Live – Starting on March 20th, HCC transitioned from faculty and staff having to initiate their One Drive synchronization to the college automatically initiating the One Drive synchronization. Therefore, the data located on HCC workstations in the Documents, Desktop, and Picture folders will synchronize with One Drive and will automatically update every 10 minutes. This allows faculty and staff to have access to these folders in any location with Internet access.
The next OneDrive training session is:

During spring break, (April 3 – April 9) the office of Information Technology is making major network changes which will impact services all spring break week in every building.
The following services will be unavailable or intermittent throughout spring break:

  • Colleague access
  • Colleague printing
  • Facilities Services (surveillance, access control and building control)
  • GoToMyPC
  • Internet access
  • Network shares, such as the S drive ect.
  • Payment card network for credit card payments
  • Phones
  • Single sign on services such as myHCC portal, Canvas, PeopleAdmin, Professional Learning, Self-Service, ect.
  • WIFI

If your area is providing on-site services during spring break (such as the library) please email to IT Communications Team by 3/24 and let us know.

Before July 1 - A major project to replace the college’s current website content management system (CMS) will be implemented prior to July 1. HCC has selected a new CMS called Terminal Four (T4). When the migration to the new CMS is complete, the website will still look the same, but the entire back-end system will have changed.