Reset HCC Login ID Password using PIN Reset Feature (Recommended)

Forgot your HCC Login ID? Click here to look it up.

If you are creating your HCC Login ID password for the first time, click here. 

If the cell phone or email on file is not available, click here to reset your password by answering your secret questions. 

Step 1

Click on the link below to reset your password using the PIN reset feature.


Step 2

Enter your HCC Login ID, select the check box, and click "SUBMIT".

Step 3

Select where you want your PIN number to be sent. You can choose your cellphone, email, or both. Click "SEND PIN" once you have made your choice.

  • Note: If you do not have a cellphone number on file, the PIN will automatically go to your email.


Step 4

Enter the PIN number that was sent to you and then select "VALIDATE".


Step 5

Enter your new password in both the "New Password" and "Re-type Password" text boxes. Then click "RESET PASSWORD". This will complete the reset process.

  • Note: It can take up to 5 minutes for your new password to sync with the HCC email system. If your new password doesn't work with the HCC email system, please wait 5 minutes and then try your new password again.



Still having problems logging in?

Tried all the above, but still running into problems? Click the icon below to request assistance.

 HCC Login ID or Password Assistance


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